How is Tet holiday for a Halong Bay cruise?


With so much to behold, Halong Bay cruise has come in popularity so far, and numerous cruises set their sails all year round. However the best time for cruise season usually is from August to December, when the weather is super good and the ships can travel without concern of thunderstorms. Travelling in the ideal time can be the best idea up to the point where all cruise lines are extremely busy. That means higher prices and expanded hours at tourist attractions might be worth additional cost. How is Lunar New Year for a Halong Bay cruise trip? Although it’s also a busy time of harbors in Halong Bay tourists are able to travel with less crowded and cheaper price for sure because almost people come to their hometown for family gather. Plus Tet holiday is a special time of the year to enjoy spirit of traditional celebration and festive atmosphere throughout every corner of Vietnam.


How is Tet in Halong Bay?

Tet is an important celebration of Vietnamese people that marks the begin of the year according to Lunar calendar. As Tet is coming, streets looks gorgeous with red flags everywhere and the color of peach blossoms and kumquat trees are the best makeover. It’s also the rush time to make and buy food as well as ornaments. Tet in  Halong is as interesting as in other religions throughout the country. You will have opportunities to taste Vietnam traditional food such as sticky rice cake, pickled onions, bamboo soup, etc..


Tips and tricks to visit Halong Bay on Tet holiday

Halong cruises are most discounted during the “holiday season,” so grab the best deals to reap incredibly big rebates. You can find the best bargains very early, about 1 month before official Tet, or at the last minute, when the cruises are trying to fill the last few cabins. Online deals are available for you to book in advance on the internet. You are able to earn up to 40% off plus many extra incentive. If you want to discover Halong on luxury cruise, book your trip with Paradise cruise in Halong.

Tet holiday cruisers should keep an eye on some special celebrations in Halong Bay on this special time such as praying ceremonies in pagodas, New Year eve and count-down event in Halong Bay. These activities generally start during Tet in Halong. If you plan to spend time in Halong Bay before or after your cruise, take advantage of this occasion to delve Vietnamese culture.


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