Our guides to luxury cruises in Halong Bay


A sea excursion is many travelers’ concept of relaxed and all-inclusive vacation. Even you stay in a budget cruise ship, you still can get fulfilled service, however, a luxury cruise surely offer far more the norm and take your cruise experience to the next level. Here below are our guide and tips on choosing luxury cruise Halong. Read on to find out.  

How to choose a good cruise?

How to choose a good cruise?
How to choose a good cruise?

There are hundreds of cruises in Halong bay do it can be daunting to search for and book a good one. Don’t be overwhelmed by making your choice at the first time. Our tips help you narrow down a list and uncover the best cruises for your vacation.

Although everyone’s definition of luxury is different, there are standards to rank and to vote by travelers. Top-of-the-line Halong cruises are sometime featured on famous international magazines so that you can get more information before deciding an order. Recommended cruise to book include Paradise cruise Halong and Starlight cruise Halong. Starlight cruise is a luxury line, appealing to a large spectrum of travelers who want to relish upscale service and unwind in a wonderful ambiance. Paradise cruise is a multi-deck cruise filled with spacious accommodations, chic restaurant and modern spa.

How to get intriguing promotions?

How to get intriguing promotions?
How to get intriguing promotions?

Almost cruises don’t public there promotion information on their website so it might be daunting to find out. However, we have a bevy of tips for you to book a luxury cruise without paying the earth. Follow up our guide to get your trip discounted to the maximum.

Big discount for group traveling

Most of luxury cruises offer rebate for group of people booking together. A group of 5 to 10 adult people is eligible to reap 1/3 off fee when booking together. Note that all members have to travel together all the time to validate to this offer. 

Discount for booking extra services

If you book your cruise with a travel agency, there are chances to receive discount on your booking as long as you book more than one trip! For example, a combination of long day tour would be discounted up to 25%. There are popular itineraries options: Sapa – Halong – Cat Ba, Halong – Laos – Cambodia, Halong – Hue –  Da Nang. In addition to that, other services will be included for free such as free pick-up, free transfer, free bus ticket, etc..  

Annual discount

Easily get rock-bottom price when you book a cruise on special occasions such as anniversary, birthday, new debut cruise, etc.. It’s possible to gain up to 25% off on your package tour plus extra incentives.



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