What to expect on a Halong Bay cruise?


Halong Bay declares the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994 due to its pristine caves and great nature that remain untouched by human hands. In Halong Bay, tourists are able to glimpse unspoiled scenery and delve into a rich ecosystem that hardly found elsewhere. A cruise trip is a popular way to explore this natural wonder as you are settled on an organized package tour. Through its meandering through the bay, you are encouraged to visit many attractions and take part in water activities as well as relish with on-site service onboard. In addition, a cruise offers ideal lookout points from which you can admire fierce sunset to add some romantic sense to your vacation. Let’s see what you can expect on a Halong Bay cruise.

Sung Sot cave
Sung Sot cave

Natural sights

With 1600 islands and islets throughout, Halong Bay holds many natural masterpieces and interesting biological system. Of particular interest to most visitors are pristine grottoes where you can admire limestone brilliantly illuminated with multicolored spotlights enhancing the natural texture of stones. There are magnificent caves such as Thien Cung cave, Luon cave, Trinh Nu cave, Bo Nau cave. On the cruise, you might encounter enormous islet pillars sprinkled in lush greenery. Some islets you shouldn’t miss include: Fighting cock islet, Dua islet, etc.  Another exotic stop is Cua Van fishing village which tucked with small houses and.  Alternatively you can visit Cat Ba National Park on Cat Ba Island, providing tourists with crooked hiking trails and diverse ecosystem.

Refined Cuisine

Besides, ngán is best enjoyed when grilled or steamed.
Besides, ngán is best enjoyed when grilled or steamed.

Cruise and foods in Halong are interesting parts of a cruise trip. Feast your eyes of seafood buffet and unlimited selection of imported wine. You can settle with a vast of Vietnamese food or choose from a limited array of Western food and vegie food. If you are a seafood lover, there are plenty of food you can’t fail to miss such as squid, prawns, clams, lobster, crab, snail, etc..

A part from enjoying tasty food, you can also learn how to cook Vietnamese food right on the ship. Cooking class open on most of cruise and with all ingredients are available. There are useful tips and recipes you may want to bring home.

Service and activities onboard

The entertainments of luxury cruise ship make you pleased during the trip. A cruise lets you rejuvenate with spa and massage service plus beauty treatment. Spend some time to walk along the deck and feel the fresh air of the sea as well as cool breeze.  Try squid fishing at night or indulge into chess playing and karaoke. The best cruise in Halong Bay offer more activities beyond your imagination.


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